Quick, Affordable & Jaw-dropping decor ideas for your home wedding

Now that India is almost in the unlock phase, the craze and demand for a big fat Indian wedding will be back soon. Though many venues are back in business again, a lot of couples we are coming across are likely to go for a micro wedding, while making sure they put everyone’s safety and security at the priority. So if you are one of those couples, who are planning to host your wedding within the comfort of your home, we have some mind-boggling and fresh décor ideas that you can do on your own without putting much time, effort, and money. Yes, DIY décor ideas that are super fab and fun to do!

Here have a look at these easy-peasy home décor ideas for your intimate celebrations:


#1 Come up with personalized tags for chairs

Since you will not be having too many guests, it would be really easy to make the tags for the chairs. This will also help guests to maintain social distancing as well as to add a fresh vibe to the décor.

home wedding decor ideas 1


#2 Go for evergreen marigold

When it comes to décor, nothing is more handy and affordable than using vibrant and fresh marigolds. Create a beautiful background or jazz up the seating area with enchanting marigold strings; the choice is yours.

home wedding decor ideas 2


#3 Use pots & planters for the décor  

Believe it or not, there is no better way to add a surreal touch to your wedding space than using your pretty pots & planters. Pleasing to eyes, these planters can add magic to your décor.

home wedding decor ideas 3


#4 Recycle & Reuse

Well, the best thing anyone can do to amp the wedding décor is to recycle and reuse the waste material you have. To start with, you can recycle old tires, water bottles, old baskets, and a lot more different materials. Just splash some colors and use your creativity or simply bring out the Picasso in you!

home wedding decor ideas 4


#5 Colorful drapes & fairy lights are always easy to find

These are usually quite easy to find at home and are quite economical also. All you need to do is to find some colorful drapes and multiple strings of fairy lights to jazz up the ambiance.

home wedding decor ideas 6


#6 Create a pretty backdrop with paper fans & paper wheels

It is always good to bring out the inner child in you and use your creativity to make some fun and colorful paper fans & paper wheels. Use the props to decorate the backdrop to get some fun and memorable pictures.

home wedding decor ideas 6


#7 Big paper flowers would also make the perfect backdrop

Another fun way to take your décor game to new heights is big flowers made of some colorful papers. They make for a perfect prop to be used on the backdrop. If you don’t believe us, check out these pictures!

home wedding decor ideas 7


#8 Use old fabrics or brocade sarees to make cushion covers

Well, that is something I am sure your mom can help you out with! All you need is some old silk or brocade sarees and use them to make vibrant and designer cushion covers to revamp the lounge area. Your guests would surely love these cushion covers.

home wedding decor ideas 8

For more fun ideas and creativity, you can also get in touch with our décor experts at The Fusion Décor to get the décor of your dreams. Be it your intimate wedding ceremony or birthday celebration, our team knows how to turn your celebration into a beautiful affair.


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